Wednesday, January 14, 2009

SwiMetrics of Water Polo Players

Several age-group aquatic athletes were tested using the SwiMetrics, the world's most sophisticated swimming analytical tool for swimmers, water polo players and triathletes.

SwiMetrics measures and records the velocity (speed in meters per second) and force (in kilograms) at specific points in the swimming stroke. The test results are synchronized with DartFish software to superimpose velocity and force curves (60 times per second) with an underwater video of the athlete.

The vertical green line in the middle of the graph indicates the athlete's position on the video (shown below). The real-time velocity data at every point in the swimming cycle is represented by a "Velocity Curve" (the thcontinuous white line shown below the athlete in the video).

The athletes were tested in a variety of 20-yard race-pace swims including pulling with a pull buoy and sprint freestyle.

In the video shown below, the athlete is swimming at 1.2636 meters per second.

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